A holistic training course

“Path to success: Unleash the entrepreneurial potential of your youngsters”

A holistic training course for youth workers about how to prepare young people to start their own entrepreneurship

Spain, 30 October – 8 November 2015

Hello everybody,

We, Monia Dericks Wisniewska (Association AJS) Alberto García García (Association Acción in 3), both from Spain and Dominique Verschuren (Connected Elephant) from Belgium, organize the international Training Course (TC) “Path to success: Unleash the entrepreneurial potential of your youngsters”. It’s a holistic training course for youth workers about how to motivate and train young people to start their own entrepreneurship. The activity will take place in Spain between 30 October – 8 November 2015 and will involve 3 participants from 10 different European Union member countries (totally max. 30 participants). We will apply under Key action 1 for the 30/04/2015 deadline.

Objectives of the training course
Taking under consideration the needs identified, the content of this training course will pursue the following objectives:

  • To support participants to become more aware of themselves, rely on their own resources, and in so doing be enabled to make conscious choices and decisions that fit with their professional goals in life.
  • To gain a broader understanding of what entrepreneurship means.
  • To gain skills and understanding of how to work practically on entrepreneurship with young people.
  • To explore ways to empower young people to become more active in their communities.
  • To look how you can rely on powerless, inconvenient feelings we encounter in professional life and deal constructively with them.
  • To share best practices and useful methods and to gain innovative ideas concerning the objectives of this TC.
  • To transfer the pax’ learning to their work with young people and to enable them to support their own young people through the same process as during this TC.
  • To reflect on our own learning process by using the Key Competences from the Youth Pass.
  • To discover the new Erasmus+ Youth in Action program and its actions as a tool to support the objectives of this training and for future co-operations and projects


Travel costs are determined by standards set strictly by Erasmus+.
The maximum possible travel contribution for each person is:

The reimbursement will be done after the end of the project, upon receiving all original tickets and boarding passes from each individual. More details will be given on this once participants have been selected.

For more information and apply -> https://www.salto-youth.net/tools/european-training-calendar/dashboard

Contact for questions:
Monia Dericks Wisniewska
E-Mail: ajovenes@ajovenes.es
Phone: +34 686701350



YP2OF network is a partnership between several organizations working together since 2009. Our aim is to promote active participation and citizenship among young people and at the same time to improve the quality of the youth work within our organizations, by creating, sharing and reflecting on common projects.

The following organizations take part of this network:

AJS Association, Spain

Leaders of tomorrow,

Arciragazzi portici,

Corrdinamento Nazionale Enti locali per la Pace,

Young Hackney,

African Community Society,

Troy Yoth Group, Turkey

Golden Orange Youth Group, Turkey

ACAT, Haiti

Patronus NGO, Slovakia

Timzday Association, Morocco

Juzoor Foundation, Palestine

Yong Hackney, UK